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Default Re: Are you the new conspiracy ?

I begin lots of my arguments with ya, but.
Here are the buts.
I see no benevolent signs of something that is about to happen by our government that will be good for all mankind only good for "them". Yesterday the local news media showed how swat teams surrounded a Bellingham house, detonated explosives and took one man into custody. NO MENTION was made as to this man's cause, or if even he had one. Hence the state did not perpetuate this man's propaganda, you are left to assume he was "just some wacko". Maybe they were taking his house be emminent domain to put a Wal Mart. Ah, but we will never know.
Do you honestly think they will release free energy unless they can get you to pay for it?
Six, count em, six brand new bio-safety level 4 labs under construction. WMD? Please, benevolent government, we are way past that.
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