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Default Excuse me for not celebrating

I absolutely love fireworks. As a kid it was a passion and I even sought at one time to become a licensed pyrotechnician. This year though it's different. The specifically stated "No backpacks or coolers" and we are left to assume it is because of "terrorists" lurking in the shadows. So in this 4th of July I will not attend the fireworks. I don't feel very independent. I don't really own my land. I can't e-mail the media (they think I wear a tin foil hat anyway).
I have to figure out how to disable the RFID that will be in my national id card. I have to stop paying attention to a congress who every day proposes more satanic new world order legislation. I am just going to have to get a 30 pack of good old american budwieser and stay home. Excuse me but I can't continue to hang out with a bunch of people who actually believe muslim terrorists are around every corner. Ya, I know there is a mythical organization bent on terror. They have high tech financial instruments and a global reach. They communicate with each other over their Dick Tracy wrist radios.
I'm just bored and looking for someone with mental age over twelve. Guess I am stuck.

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