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Default Re: Are you the new conspiracy ?

I see no benevolent signs of something that is about to happen by our government that will be good for all mankind only good for "them"
So what happend there ?? why did "they" do that ?

Personal gain ? .. this guy had ZPE and they took him out ?? Wal mart thingy is not..

Im not sure where your goin with this..

I refeer to my post..ARE you SURE you want to KNOW the TRUTH..and some others have found it..are you confident that those others are in your best interest..or are they willing to use the "current TECH" against us..or for us ????

You might be suprised that Tech in the wrong minds might..just might be a bad thing for your security ..unless your willing to put some blinders on.

Are you saying that US and Russia..and G.B...Isreal..etc should open there doors on TOP secret INFO just because you feel cheeted on the TRUTH ?? ARE YOU educated enough to take whatever knowlage and use it for your special spreading of Opening the minds of the Masses ?? and that all Mandkind that you seek will use this "Secret" Info for the good of mankind ???

Like I said B4.. You all want the think that we are being misled .. Into whatever Gov wants us to be..

NO NO.. LETS ALL PRESS FOR COMPLETE AND UTTER DECLASSIFICATION TO EVERYTHING THAT ALL GOVERNMENTS HAVE TO HIDE.. !! Yea..that will make things a WHOLE lot better... ( Im gonna grab my resporator and find a BIG ditch to hide in when you all get your wish !! )

You really think that World leaders will give the mass population the ability to kill each other in ways that is unfathable to you and I just because you "Think" its best for US ? Ill take my chances with those that KNOW things that I dont ( and personally dont think the rest of the WORLD needs to know )

If Everyone Knows what is Top Secret..then Im gonna PRAY to GOD that Im secure in a place that would be safe for me and my some DEEP rock..or out on the ocean..or someplace FAR away from you that keep INSISTING that the MASS knowlage of the world be open to you ( oh..that would include all enimies )

Let the peeps that KNOW whats goin on do there JOB !! and stop this bickering that "they" wont tell "you " whats up !! unless your really excited about the fact that Amegeddon is close at hand .

Peace Dreak
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