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Default Re: 11 Christians Facing 47 Years In Prison For Preaching The Scripture At Gay Pride Parade

Freeman, I have to share your sentiment.

I think this is the point what awake was trying to get at. We have to be aware and acknowledge the games they play and not particiapte, finding other ways to achieve direction.

Step by step. If my child wants to argue the point, he/she will if I dance the dance and argue back. To the outside, what is the picture?

Step outside the circle. Just like Bush did his little promo for Canadians and the Star Wars scam, the media loves lie for the government and spin the news against "the intolerant homophobic Christian" as they have been told to believe and they now are telling lamestream to believe.

Even if these christians are driven for all the right reasons, they are playing their, (the government) games. It's all in the advertising and we should not play so readily into the media's hands...n'est-ce pas?

Lovely lynn, i appreciate that there is a message to be said by these good people and perhaps it is a message that desperately needs to be heard and there must be another way.

When the local youth club has a homosexual agenda... there are problems going unnoticed in the community. Yes they need waking up and why not meet and debate them on their own turf. Seriously. Disclude the media.

My niece said to her friend Z, he had not road-tested enough females to decide he was gay. I don't know what the answer is and i suggest it's going to be a grapevine that keeps peace alive. Playing into their hands is not the answer.

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