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Default Re: Are you the new conspiracy ?

Your kinda gettin off my point here Blue..


Wouldn't knowing where Bin Laden was be classified information?
dont you think that Saddam would have a Slightly better chance of escape ??

If our government is in possession of energy/weapons that they are using against the people, then apparently IT IS ALREADY IN THE WRONG HANDS.
From your postings..its not a matter of "IF" government has possession..however..your saying if im not mistaken that they are useing against the people ( what people ) baddies ? norms ?

or would you suggest that We put this Tech into EVERYONES hands ?? that way we cant use it TOO much.. Anyone could use this TECH ?

What better Government should have possession of energy/weapons ?????.. or no GOV. should have it ??

too would you suggest that we open up all government classified weaponry or Scientific DATA to All the World ?? ..

Please..respond..Im very curious what you have to add here..anyone..

Dammed if you do...Dammed if you dont eh ?
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