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Default Re: Are you the new conspiracy ?

Dreak wrote:
Your kinda gettin off my point here Blue..


Wouldn't knowing where Bin Laden was be classified information?
dont you think that Saddam would have a Slightly better chance of escape ??

If our government is in possession of energy/weapons that they are using against the people, then apparently IT IS ALREADY IN THE WRONG HANDS.
From your postings..its not a matter of "IF" government has possession..however..your saying if im not mistaken that they are useing against the people ( what people ) baddies ? norms ?

or would you suggest that We put this Tech into EVERYONES hands ?? that way we cant use it TOO much.. Anyone could use this TECH ?

What better Government should have possession of energy/weapons ?????.. or no GOV. should have it ??

too would you suggest that we open up all government classified weaponry or Scientific DATA to All the World ?? ..

Please..respond..Im very curious what you have to add here..anyone..

Dammed if you do...Dammed if you dont eh ?

I don't think I was getting off your point. So, I'll say it again.

You have suggested that some people want all CLASSIFIED information DECLASSIFIED. I don't believe this to be the case.

The information about Bin Laden should have remained classified.

Classified information that is detrimental to the safety and well-being of mankind should not be in the hands of a "secret" government especially when we know they are ruthless killers.

Damned if you do and damned if you don't. I suppose.

However, would it have been wiser for me to spend my life believing this technology was given to them by intelligent life forms?

Don't think so!!

You can't cure a disease without a remedy and that, my friend, is what is needed because otherwise the infection will continue to spread until our country is reduced to a bunch of "walking zombies."

In Peace,
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