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Ok sablefish, but I was not suggesting you use "plagurized" music or take it form anywhere.

Naturally you'd have to get certain permissions (Kind of thought that was understood in my sharings )

I think the ONLY way to slant this film is hopefilled. Why? Well first because dark perspectives are what "they" stand for.

Here is some of what I think should occur in the film. First, I think it must serve as a tool to not only strip bare the mindsets and MO of these folks, shining a LIGHT on them, I think it should greet them as well with an opportunity, at some point, to move from their way of life to a higher place and choose LIFE (Christ/God), as opposed to incrementialism and a compromised spiritual life and life.

The kind of symbology for this film would best be similar to The Lord of the Rings. I do not mean the staging or time frame or wording or anything. I am referring to a somewhat thinly veiled tale about good verses evil. This would be different, in that it would be occuring today, maybe popping in and out of the past and very near future for informaion and illustrative purposes.

Why I say more broad spheres or "good" and "evil" is that it frees up the viewer, because not everyone viewing may have made a decison for Christ and may be in a different place spiritually speaking.

I think it should serve, this film, as a gift, a warning and an exposer. I think the perspective should be one of revelation, information, establishment of one large theme with several sub themes and the characters filling in from there.

Ask yourselves this. What would I like (fill in the kind of person or group) to walk away from feeling during and after seeing this film?

For me, I would like those who run these dark themes and those in new world order to be:

1. made aware they are part of our audience
2.shown through the illustration of film what they are doing (for the benefit of those who do not know or are blinded..)in a way that is clear, and effective.
3. given an out or alternative for them and the viewers, the Truth in love and personal redemption.
4. frankly making them walk out of the theatre with the "eyes" of the audience, and their own, now looking at them. Or at least a clear awareness of such powers and proncipalities and where they are emanating from and what they say seek and promote.

I think, not unlike what they do in Hollywood and on tv, many characters must literally be spokesmen exposing these agendas, and serving as it were, as the Fear of God on them. Yet I think Love will disturb skae and REACH them MUCH MORE.

I think this idea is bigger than just one city.

There's more but that's what i can say for now.

P.S. You know last night on CBS news "gay''marriage was discussed and I saw THE most DISGUSTING thing in that clip.

At the end of the clip CBS showed a man hugging the other man and THEIR CAMERA closed up on the man's HANDS around the toher man's WAIST and then it closed UP on the one man's hands clasping in a COMPLETE embrace on major network tv news.

Now WHY? are we NOT supposed to hate them? I forget..THAT is the challenge..loving the sinner hating their SIN..I tell you it is your challenge TOO not to hate these folks though we HATE what they DO and dont do and stand for..

Yes these are some of your MOST huge weapons against these folks and ALL that that entails:
The TRUTH spoken in LOVE. DO that and you will have much more than a chink in their armour.
To forgive is
to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you..
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