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Default Re: 11 Christians Facing 47 Years In Prison For Preaching The Scripture At Gay Pride Parade

mary, you say

"Lovely lynn, i appreciate that there is a message to be said by these good people and perhaps it is a message that desperately needs to be heard and there must be another way.
When the local youth club has a homosexual agenda... there are problems going unnoticed in the community. Yes they need waking up and why not meet and debate them on their own turf. Seriously. Disclude the media.
My niece said to her friend Z, he had not road-tested enough females to decide he was gay. I don't know what the answer is and i suggest it's going to be a grapevine that keeps peace alive. Playing into their hands is not the answer.
mary XXX"

mary, not quite sure where you're coming from in regard to my answer hon. You're adding your agreement with freeman, ok. But if it does not concur with what I wrote well, then I guess you're both in a different place than me.

mary you say:

I don't know what the answer is
Well, I do..Perhaps that is the distinguishing difference. And I don't mean it to sound superior in any way, as this Truth is free for all, and NOT relative. :-) And I think MOST of the people here, including you and freeman, have a very GOOD grasp of the truth and realities of these darks powers and their agendas. I believe you see the difference and are surely good people.

I am not a Canadian. Maybe you're being there has another effect. I do know this. Any lack of cohesiveness in those looking to come up against these dark forces and individuals is a thing they will use to their advantage and against you. This may not be a thing you see now. It may or may not become a gradual awareness.

mary the phrase "new world order" is taken DIRECTLY from the Bible referring to these times. One does not have to be a prognasticator nor a prophet, if there are any left today, to know right from wrong. And I'm afraid some of you here are, sadly, victims of the very thing you cry out against.

I am sure we are all hurt by them somehow, through their unwholesome influence on man and society. I won't say we are not all scathed in some way.

mary, my point with freeman was not to offend him or question him as a person or even really his moral postions.

My point was, and remains, he is in error to be talking down Christians in some way. And if he thinks he has, or anyone here has, true distinctive strength or power facing these people and things, he is at loss if in this process he seeks to question, mock or silence the few who seek to be a voice of Truth in love.

Because there IS a right and wrong mary, you KNOW this. Because these people ARE morally WRONG.
And I am not phased in MY behavior as a Christian EITHER WAY, because of the ups and downs and pecidillos of them.

My point is, you are very much in danger of thinking JUST as "they" would have you, if you seek to silence or make IN ANY WAY
"politically correct" Christians or anyone ELSE speaking for God's Will, God's ways and His perspective.

Ask your-SELF about the words you use. DO you use words about Christians that are exactly taken from "their" demonic dictionary? freeman was..
And I don't truly think it was his intent..

I could care LESS about dialectics and how I am "supposed" to act. This is LIFE not some script. Save that for the Conspiracy Club FILM

You can stick with freeman mary. I stick with Jesus, who is God If you're not there it is a wee bit different here mary.

You see WE, the Christians, are most sincerely the goads being kicked against in all this. No matter what it looks like, that's what it all boils down to.

Acts 26:14

I love you all with Christ's love. I know the best of you are well-meaning and good hearts.
I'm not better just saved, though yes it does make things infinitely better:.

But it is almost an impossible feat to fully and comprehensively conquer the powers of darkness and understand what they are, how, who and all this (i.e. Satan, Satanic powers and principalities), without being deeply accquianted with the Truth and Life.

Who should we be closer to knowing if we are truly enemies of darkness, but the light?

Christ dwells in every true believer.

Seek to silence or question their motives and you perch perilously in a very different camp, ironically.

And there's the fatal flaw for "good" men.

Merry Christmas to you both and all

Hope you understand.
To forgive is
to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you..
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