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Default Re: Who Will Benfit From Economic Collapse?

truebeliever wrote:
It's been my strong opinion for some time that theres no rift in the NWO and that China is a complete creation of the West.

It lives and dies with Western Capital and therefore is under Western Capital control.

Here is a news article which exemplifies this...

How does China benefit from U.S corps bringing in jobs when there will be no one to sell the goods too?

If the U.S goes down...EVERYBODY goes down which is EXACTLY what 'they' want.

Lots of chaos...lots of Police State crack downs.

Which is why the Elite are pouring into Australia and New Zealand. They know the jigs up.

An awful lot of Israeli/Jewish immigration down here to.

The great shame is it does'nt have to be. If the U.S what? The wheat is still in the fields, the car you brought on credit will not spontaneously combust...the Japs cant tow Manhatten back to Tokyo harbour what?

Money and the so called 'economy' is just an idea. Nothing more. When the money what?

Of course it will not be 'so what' for alot of people at the bottom.

Get with friends and family and form communities. Barter and get ready to work for your daily bread. Ideally get some property or at least get a garden going. Pull out those ridiculous palm tree's and get some potato's and tomatoes happining.

With enough people involved and a good quantity of ammunition you should be able to ride it out. :-?

Of course it may not come to that and they may just back off.

Remember all that we need to live well is available in only eases the transfer of goods and services between is a means not the end...find another means.

In the end we are all about to find out just how much we really need each other. By getting to know your neighbour your increase your chances of doing well in the possible chaos to come.

If we turn into beasts out for ourselves the little slimy bastards have won.

Europe/EurAsia are king. The Americas are to be farms, forests and mines. Why do you think exploitable resources are off limits?
We have met the enemy and ... he is us.

Pogo (Walt Kelly)
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