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Since this is a thread that I created, I'm just going to PLOP this here for all to read. Make of it what you will. Doesn't matter to me one way or the other.

You know, some strange things can happen when you're a mind control victim/survivor!!

This isn't so strange, but Dreak called me Blue! I prefer BA or BlueAngel. I knew a Blue52 once on another site who was referred to as Blue and I really don't want to takeover HIS name.

Anyway, there was another site that I frequented for about 15 months and well, it's strange, how when I access the site now to read some of the political remarks or comments in other sections on the board, many of the posters make comments that, well, in all honesty, kind of makes me feel like my house is bugged. References are made to conversations that I've had with my family members and others inside my home.

Other incidences involve remarks that reflect the most personal intimacies between my husband and myself whether at home or on the telephone.

I might be writing to someone on my computer and, WALLAH, remarks they make will reflect some of the same sentences I've written.


In Peace,

I truly believe there was an attempt to create a fictitious past for me while I was, well, kind of TRAPPED there.

Good thing I escaped and am FREE!!

8-) :-P :-x
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