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Default Re: Are you the new conspiracy ?

Well, Dreak, I asked about the fence thingy and you haven't responded?

Why not?

If sitting on the fence is my thingy, is what you said and I'm just curious why you think I'm sittin' on a fence.

A "real man" would respond. Wouldn't he?

Oh, and, what's the deal with you insinuating that we had some PERSONAL issues?

Do I know you?

Are you wearing a "brilliant disguise?"

I knew someone on another site and he used the symbol @ as a username among another.

I notice you included that symbol in one of your posts.

Are you that same person(s)!!

How many of there are you????

Was it you who spelled maybe, mebbee in one of the posts here? I believe it was. The Emperor did the same.

Are you the Emperor, too?

Are you the anonymous poster who started the topic, "Is BlueAngel a government spy?"

Just curious!!

In Peace,
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