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Default Re: Excuse me for not celebrating

Yep, chipping away at the core and fabric of the Constitution. Hear that, "chip, chip."

Chipping and chipping, shredding and shredding until the Constitution is null and void.

He delinates very well the Amendments that they have thus far "tampered" with.

Problem is that most people have not familiarized themselves with the Constitution so they do not realize that their rights are being seized at every opportunity by the "evil" doers.

No, not Osama or Saddam. Not that they aren't evil doers as well, but the likes of the PNAC members, the Bushmen, Cheney, Wolfowitz, etc., etc., etc.

So, what do we do???

Those in the Senate must speak out to the people about this!! The most noble document in the land, that which was written for the people, of the people and by the people is in "grave" danger of being replaced by THEIR own set of NAZI rules.

One that does not protect the people, but PROTECTS THEM from their crimes upon humanity.

National Security Service!! Right!! It's the SS.

Secret police lurk about!!

In Peace,

P. S. Welcome to Nazi America!!
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