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The DaVinci code is bullshit.

A very good doco is doing the rounds exposing it for what it is. Shown on the BBC and Australias equivilent the ABC. I have recorded it to DVD but no longer have the capacity to post it. The DVD is easily available and I challenge ANYONE to watch the doco and tell me they still believe the crap that Brown has strung together.`

Brown is full of it and the book is ACTUALLY EXTREMELY badly written, from a knit picking critic such as myselfs point of view. How the book became a best seller is a total mystery to me. The fact that Brown can make such obvious, spurious claims and outright lies and convince people through a work of fiction that it is truth shows that the sucker market place is still alive and well.

The majority of the book is stolen from "Holy Blood Holy Grail"...who's author admits in interviews that the VAST majority of the claims made (that Brown perports as fact) is pure speculation. Some of it is outright lies.

An example of the SIMPLE little lies and exaggerations he makes is Browns description of the central database that the heroine goes to to find all the bible facts. This MIGHTY database brimming with books and computers that Brown describes (as fact) is, in fact, a little room in the U.K where a few boffin, tea sipping academics, meet once a month to debate bible points of view. This is just a small example of Browns little fibs that grow into recieved truth over time.

For Brown, simple fairtales and exagerations mixed in with a large dose of speculation have become fact. That he has done this so easily is instructive of how easy it is to convince the public that white is black and war is peace.

The DVD is easily available. Watch it and laugh at your own gullability. I am guilty of gullability too. However, i can proudly tell my grandkids that i never fell for Browns transparent bullshit.
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