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Default Australia's top quarantine scientist, Dr David Banks Dead In Aircrash

Just for the record...

Crashed in North Queensland just North of Cairns 4 km out from airport on May 7th 2005. Into side of hill. 30m higher and they would have cleared it.

The authorities cannot explain the crash.

No evidence of mechanical failure.

Plane 400m lower than it should have been in GPS controlled approach.

Speculation pilot inexperience the problem...this is possible.

Landing was known to be tough at times and was often aborted. However, there was NO indication of problems in the approach.

The 15 seater turbo props flight data recorder had been turned off and cannot provide any data.

However, given the times in which we live and the long list of dead scientists involved in disease control this last 5 years...

Australia has THE best aircraft safety record in THE world.

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