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Default Re: Excuse me for not celebrating


I wonder: when will all the Bush-supporting people in this country realize they're driving us head-first into a police state? No administration in the history of this country has done more to take away our personal freedoms than this one. And yet half the country is rallying behind this President.
Well the people pulling the strings behind the sceans really pulled a brilliant move, actually a series of moves over a pretty long period of time.

First they get George I elected, and despite the fact that some of us were on to him for a long time (I was onto him since the 1980 election, although at that time I didn't know that much about the NWO, and just considered him a liberal hiding in conservative clothing), and he deliberatly threw his reelection campaign, and allowed slick willie to win, which scared the hell out of most conservatives (real conservatives anyway, not the neo-conman varity).

After 8 years of slick willie's rule, most people who considered themselves conservative were willing to settle for something less that what they would have prefered, and so they voted for George II (not me though, I was one of the few who would not compromise, and I voted for Buchanan).

Even after OKC, and Waco no one expected that the trotskite neo-conmen would pull 9-11, and it took the vast majority of the country by suprise. Only a very few doubted what they thought they witnessed on television. Some of us did though, and fortunately more and more people are starting to suspect that something is amiss, but nowhere near enough.

Unfortunatly those of us that are looking at things critically do not have access to the media, and this is one of our biggest weaknesses. *If* the information that is on the internet were to be presented to the public via television, radio, and newspapers then you would see public outrage.

Even more Unfortunately the MSM is complicit with the govt. in the destruction of The Constitution. Most people do not even realize what is occuring, and those that are paying really close attention the the MSM believe that what is being done is something completly different from what is actually being done.

So, now the problem is how do we change this situation? I don't know, unless someone with enough resources to buy a tv network, and is dedicated to our Constitutional Liberties joins the fight.

So happy 4th of July. It's a national holiday that celebrates the founding of a great nation. But this 4th of July, that great nation no longer exists. Instead, we have a police state, operated under the illusion of freedom. The illusion of Democracy. The illusion that your vote counts. The illusion that by giving up your freedoms, you'll gain security.
Actually it is supposed to be the celebration of the birth of a Republic of Republics, and not a nation as in a consolidated nation state. The Republic of Republics died an unnatural death in 1865, killed by the tyrant lincoln (spit!), and the republicrud party (see As far as democracy goes, the country was never a democracy. The Founding Fathers knew that a democracy was the most unstable form of government (it's essentially mob rule), and they choise a Republican form of government which is the most stable form of representive government.

Oh, and as far as celebrating the 4th, for those of us, Southerners at least, who know their history it's a day of mourning since the death blow to the Founding principles was dealt on 4 July, 1863.
He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.
--Thomas Paine, Dissertation on First Principles of Government, December 23, 17...
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