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Johnny_Reb wrote:

You are the perfect example of why religion should be separated from church and state as per our founding fathers!!
The "wall of seperation between Church & state" was taken from a personal letter from Jefferson to another person (don't remember the name offhand). This was never meant to be used as a doctrine for interpretation of The Constitution. The 1st amendmendment states in plain english that any idiot ought to be able to understand "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof". Why is it so difficult for people to understand this? All it says is that Congress shall make no law establishing a state religion, or prohibiting anyone from practicing whatever their religion is.

As I stated above, "you are the perfect example of WHY religion should be separated from church and state."

"WHY" is the operative word here.

It depends on one's interpretation of what the founding father's meant:

If the separation debate is about nothing else, it is about history, in particular, what the founders of America believed about the role of religion in public life. Separationists believe that the founders intended to separate church and state by depriving the state of its power to either aid or hinder religion. Accomodationists believe that the state retains that power (with certain limitations), and so is constitutionally able to advance religion as a moral good.

My opinion is that GOD and Politics are two separate issues and should remain that way.

But, hey, that's just my opinion.

In Peace,
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