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This is what I have to say, Ahmad and the example can be taken from this thread.

When ONE decides to discuss the role of religion inside of politics, and with there being so MANY different belief systems throughout our world then the focus shifts from what our politicians/leaders/we, as a people, should be confronting in order to achieve the best possible life for each individual here on Planet Earth regardless of whether or not you or I believe in a GOD.

Our discussion here on this thread has been "distracted" to whether or not I believe in a GOD and that, my friend, is not going to benefit those who are dying in Africa from AIDS and starvation, those who are losing their freedoms to the Nazi government here in America and are infecting the rest of the world with their Octopus tentacles.

The President of the United States of America waged a war "unjustly" in the name of money, power and greed for the elitist cult who control most of us and informed the American public that GOD told him what he should do! If that is the case, well, then, his GOD certainly erred and I would prefer that the next President leave GOD out of politics.

One should be able to worship as they so desire, but government should not play upon the people's fears or religious beliefs in order to win seats as elected officials, and, unfortunately, in America, they do.

In Peace,

Oh, I forgot!!


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