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Default Re: Are you the new conspiracy ?

Dreak wrote:
Blue you said

P. S. Just as I don't know whether or not a GOD exists as I have not witnessed him with my own eyes, I certainly do not know whether or not other intelligent life forms exists as I have not witnessed them with my own eyes. So, we can neither reject or accept. We must gather all evidence until conclusive proof is obtained.
I was just pointing out something that the Bible said " Rev 3:16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth."

I took your statement meaning you were not sure whether to believe in God or not because you didnt have PROOF that He exists.

I had mentioned earlier that the Proof is all around you.

Therefore..if you choose to be on the fence about God then that is your choice.

Peace Dreak

PS. I am just me

More to the point, I was speaking about PROOF re other intelligent life forms.

The proof that you see of GOD all around you may differ from any proof I might believe tells me that a GOD exists.

You said:

OF cource..If your not worried about being on the fence..then thats your thing.

No!! My GOD doesn't care whether or not I'm on a fence. He accepts it might be my thing, if I so choose it to be. And, I certainly wouldn't be worried about it.

WORRIED!!! GOD doesn't frighten me!!! Why would I be worried? Is GOD going to punish me for sittin' on a fence? There are other people in this country that I'm more worried about who pass out more judgment, harrassment and evil in my life and the world than any GOD ever would!!

In Peace,

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