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Default Re: Are you the new conspiracy ?

Dreak wrote:
I thought you wanted an explanation about the fence thing ??????

how did we get to discussing proof of other life forms now ?? I dont think I ever touched that subject in any of my posts...

Truebeliver..I thought I was quite clear on my opening post. Funny how Nobody is answering my questions ..

Now how about you post up a concise, cogent, and coherent argument that states your opinion in no uncertain terms. I've already done mine in a few sentences, there's no reason why you can't do yours to a similar length?

Peace Dreak

More to the point, I was speaking about PROOF re other intelligent life forms.

The proof that you see of GOD all around you may differ from any proof I might believe tells me that a GOD exists.

You said:

OF cource..If your not worried about being on the fence..then thats your thing.

No!! My GOD doesn't care whether or not I'm on a fence. He accepts it might be my thing, if I so choose it to be. And, I certainly wouldn't be worried about it.

WORRIED!!! GOD doesn't frighten me!!! Why would I be worried? Is GOD going to punish me for sittin' on a fence? There are other people in this country that I'm more worried about who pass out more judgment, harrassment and evil in my life and the world than any GOD ever would!!

In Peace,



As TB said you are meandering and if you recall, you posted on the FREE ENERGY thread and that, my son, is where the other intelligent life forms entered the discussion.

In Peace,

P.S. I think solving a problem of this magnitude doesn't lend itself to an internet discussion board.
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