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Default Re: Are you the new conspiracy ?

me goin around in circles ???

well start cheering cause im on the straight now..
Straight for the DOOR !! Im outa here.

I asked a question..over and over..round and round we go.. Nobody seems comfortable enough to even touch this post.. ( just my personal drinking behavior or acute flaws on not being able to stay on track ) ROFL !!

How can I stay on track when YOU are bouncing this thread all over the freaking place ?

Nobody..not one single intelligent person had come forth just mebbe to say somthing like ...

"You know MIGHT be right.. would be better to have the truth come out with all of its reprocusions then to live in a life of deniyal and lies."

Thats what I woulda posted .. doesnt that kinda sound like an intellegent response ? Civil even ?? gesh !!

NOT " your on Crack..your Stupid..your blah blah blahblahblah ! " ( muppet !! )

Like I said..IF we did get the truth..the World would become a serious F*ck Story !

eventually though..It would be for the best !

now..Let this thread DIE !! ( silly was dead the moment I posted )

*grabs a 12 pack and heads for the Door*

Good luck with your paranoid delutions and scitzophrenic conspiracies that do nothing but injustice to those of us that TRY there best to bring peace to this little planet of ours. I am wrong from time to time..maybe act a little stupid.. BUT NEVER am I so Goddamn RUDE like some of you are.. Freaking Children runing amuk in this place !!!!

L8ters all Dreaky
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