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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

Yes I have read THEIR book. Operative word here is THEIR book. I have read the books of other victims/survivors as well who have written independently!!

As for my grotesque abuse in this government cult, there are some similarities as far as being used as a sex slave in pornography, etc., Bohemian Grove, but I believe I was used more for INTELLIGENCE purposes. I truly believe I was passing along information to those who were working behind the scenes to reveal this criminal entity to the public one day.

My allegiance is to the American people. I was sworn to uphold, defend and protect the Constitution. The Constitution is the most noble document in the land and the chipping away at it is not going to stop until the people decide to acquaint themselves with their freedoms as outlined therein.

I was also sworn to never reveal government secrets, but I do not acknowledge that oath. It is null and void and of course, was forced upon me unwittingly against my own free will for criminal purposes and, therefore, not punishable as treason.

I try not to comment in depth as to the experiences that others report out of respect for their own story and also because there apparently is a group of victims/survivors, and others who are working to make mind control "coffee table" conversation, but, who instead of continuing the battle for our freedoms through exposure, argue amongst themselves (in-house fighting).

This serves no purpose.

In Peace,
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