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Ok folks, here we go. First off I'm talking about Christianity because that is what I am or at least that is where I was baptised. I'm starting to study the Quran as well, but I understand the Bible so that is what I'll talk about.

The prophetic stories of the Bible are just that, Prophesy. Now imagine if Rulers could just switch a few words, names, places, etc.. Imagine the control over peoples minds that they could exert. I think this is reality and most of us here realize that.

There is no historical proof of the Exodus. There is no historical proof that the Jews were ever enslaved for 400 years. National Geographic has said that the Pyramids were not built by slaves.

The Bible talks about Adam being the first man and he came about 6000 years ago. But why does it say, Gen. 1:26 "let us make man in our image," Who do you think us was? And the pyramids were being built around this time! Those pyramids required a very intelligent people.

Christians pray to Jesus, that my thinking friends is idol worship. One of the Commandments says "Thou shall have no other gods before me." Hmmm.
Jesus of 2000 years ago is a dead prophet. Yes he was a prophet, and he is worthy of praise but praying to him is no different than praying to Bush. And to say that he was born to the virgin Mary is physically impossible, not to mention that this would mean that God commited adultery.

Christians believe that the Jews are the Chosen people of God. Check out John 8:42-48 Some quotes, "if God were your father, ye would love me", "ye are of your father the devil," It doesnt sound like Jesus thought much of the Jews back then! I wonder what has changed since then?

The Christians supposedly follow the turn the other cheek stuff: Luke 6:26-29 "Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you" ???? What kind of a righteous God would say that? What better thing for The Powers that Be, the Devils, to teach the Sheeple.

Come on folks WAKE UP!

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