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Default Conspiracies that were forgotten?

Before the start of the Iraq war, North Korea was stoking the fire of war, saying that they could nuke the US, in a story that escaped the media's eye, mainstream and patriot radio, was the fact that a U2 had to crash in South Korea, with the pilot having to bail out, the military spin was that it had engine trouble, think about how stupid this appears, first the U2 is basicly a motorized glider and although it needs an engine to take flight, it doesn't need one to land, the probable scenario is that the North had fired on it, and because Bush didn't want anything from interferring with him starting his war, they let it go, I brought this up to some x general on a patriot station, and his reply was simply, that they don't have those kinds of weapons that can shoot that high, give me a break, were talking about a country that has one aversion and that is to get weapons of all kinds.
Another thing that the media dropped the ball on was and is, what the hell happened to the three mysterious ships at sea, that had left Iraq days before the shock and awe campaign began, they kept telling us that they were laden with biological and chemical weapons, but as soon as they got their war, the subject mysteriously dissapeared from the media,Personally I think it was another babies thrown out of their incubator ploy, more unacountability, and no chance for redress.
I've got a few more but will get to them next post.
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