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Default Re: This Forum Is Finished. CC Is Now "Officially" A Joke.


This site is not a joke!! Emperor is a joke, Dreak is a joke!!

See what kind of garbage I (we) attract?

Could it be we are all as self-centered as Mr. Anonymous stated about me to think that this site is of such great importance in the name of FREEDOM that Emperor and Dreak would infect it with their BULLSHIT and expect that they receive debate and dialogue from other posters?

We can IGNORE!! Or, perhaps the administrators can BAN them from posting!!

Afterall, I would consider their postings SPAM and a waste of bandwith!!!

They are attempting to run INTERFERENCE, aren't they?

Suppose their SPOOKS? Or, government spies, maybe? Elitists? Something to hide? Distraction effort?

8-) 8-) :-D

In Peace,
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