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TB said,

As for keeping religion and politics do you exactly EXCLUDE God and a set of moral principals which underpin society from your day to day life?

If we cannot speak freely of our God given moral principals which in effect prevent society from falling apart...which set of moral principals will you be expounding?

Christianity underpins the legal and political foundation of Western Civilization. You can only be truly secular when you have rid this foundation from everday life.

What will be the new moral underpinning of society then? Because you have to have something...and that my friends is exactly the point of seperating Church and State...God from the people...and that my friends is the plan.


Do people not have a conscious without GOD? Is that what you are saying? People don't know what is right or wrong or how to act or behave without following a set of religious rules written out for them and drummed into their heads from "cradle to grave"

It's simple. If you believe GOD is good then model yourself with GOODNESS!! Trust yourself to know that what you believe is right or wrong can come from your own intelligence, your own conscious, your own heart.

Many don't!! They've been raised from "cradle to grave" to adhere to moral principals as outlined for them through the words of the one whom they worship.

They stand steadfast!! They do not waver and they do not change their opinions in most cases. So, they follow those within our political system whose beliefs mirror their religious principals. What they think is right or wrong. Abortion, etc. They are blinded and do not see that GOD's name is being used in VANE. (sp?)

One issue!! One vote!!

So, basically, you have a political system, not just in America, but abroad that in many cases is governed by a religious group.

To use God's name for the benefit of political/elitist control over the people is immoral. So, in effect, it is THEY who have NO MORALS or conscious.

Not the brainwashed religious sheeple, but the men who use GOD as their spokesperson to gain control over the massses.

In Peace,
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