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Default Re: population reduction (genocide)

Here is a video that demonstrates the strong arm tactics used by the medical establishment to suppress any natural cures and persecute anyone who dares to cut into their profits. I highly recommend you download and view the free movie, . It is a fascinating look at a man and his natural cancer therapy that was suppressed in the 1950's by the nascent AMA and the sinister head of that organization, Morris Fishbein (think Harry Anslinger former chief of the Federal Narcotics Bureau who was largely responsible for demonizing marijuana).

Hoxsey won a libel suit against Fishbein at one point. He had him and the AMA on the ropes and he had the people's support, but the AMA had too much political power. The course of medicine was forever changed during this period which is now largely forgotten. The winners write the history books. Same as it ever was..
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