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Default Re: population reduction (genocide) Mom had cancer...It came so quick it would make your head spin..

Lemme tell ya somthing about cancer..there is no words that you can say to help..there is no treatment that can help..( Im talking about some serious cancer that was not found untill it was too late... )

Untill you have taken care of someone close with death cancer you have no Idea ..

Seeing my mom on mega-Morphine and see her deteriorate like that is looking into no mans land mates..I wish nobody the pleasure of going through that.

Your Cancer Ideas are wrong..there mebbe some conditions of cancer that can be treated that the pharmies or docs can treat..or even some homiopathic treatments might help..

but there are some kinds of cancers that will attack so suddenly that I have seen with my own eyes .. that will not copitulate with anything..

God help you if you have to go through such a tragedy..

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