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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

Ahmad wrote:

I can't believe your story, is it really possible that someone could wake up some day and remember a whole past where he was abused brutally?

Where were your family and friends, how did this time gap go unaccounted for?

Should we believe anybody who accuse others without a SINGLE proof ?

personally i think you believed your Jinn companion's lies willingly, which makes you a partner in his crime.

I recommend that you repent to God and come to grips with this life instead of a blurred past-life that you haven't really lived.

By the way the Jinn-beings are given multiple lives to study and decide, and that's because they are more on the side of Satan than God, these multiple lives i believe may account for the reincarnation theory and also to your story, however if you remember such a past life it means that your companion is running the show and controlling you against God's design of the human in control and the Jinn subservient.

Anyway the bottom line is reverence God and don't accuse anybody even the corrupt government with things you can't even remember that clear.



Tell me what you know about mind control programs?

In Peace,

P. S. I'm not asking anyone to believe me!! I'm reporting what I remember about our government with the INTELLIGENCE I possess.

As long as my family believes me, I don't need to rely on the acceptance of others.
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