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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

peace igwt,

The Jinn-beings are invisible creatures (the descendants of Satan), they are those who were more on his side when the great feud took place in the Heavenly society.

We, the Humans are those who were more on God's side, however both species had fundamental doubts about God's absolute authority and power.

So the test entails that we come here inhabiting the same body (one Jinn, one Human) to test each other in order to reach a final conclusion, God or Satan.

The original test for Satan (and therefore for the Jinn also) was to serve Adam (and his descendants, the Humans), but since they turned arrogant (Satan said i am better than he, because he was made of smokless fire and not mud) they have to come here, the wicked among them (the demons) will control their Human-companion and take charge of his mind and body (while the human is watching helplessly!), yet both are condemned because the Human must accept the Jinn's argument in order to hand him the steering wheel, otherwise the Jinn cannot take over.

As for the Righetous Jinn (yes there are) they obey God's design of the Human in charge and the Jinn supporting (like a man and a woman).

As for the Human, the test for him is the same test in Heaven (the forbidden tree) which was a symbol of all the visible world, thus if the human attributed an independednt power to the creatures (like accepting Satan's claim that the tree can grant eternal life regardless of God) he is following his companion consciously, this is what they call the Alpha-state.

Most people today are controlled by their Jinn companions, and that's why the Jinn civilization has dominated, wars, famine, disease and moral breakdown ( notice that the main trait is being stuck in the creatures i.e: money,power,women and forgetting God and the Hidden dimension of meanings and values). The humans are controlled in various degrees, ironically those who are less controlled (something like 50/50) are more condemned because of their hypocrisy (the conservatives, fundamentalists, the extreemists of all religions and ideologies), as for the liberal secular, godless people they are more direct, they have handed full control to their companions and then went to sleep!

Such a near total domination of the planet needs some shock to wake it up, Quran provides us with the exact date of this shock which God willing will be on the 9th of November this year in the form of the Quake of all times.

For more on the Jinns, feel free to visit the website.
God\'s alternative, USN

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