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Default Re: 11 Christians Facing 47 Years In Prison For Preaching The Scripture At Gay Pride Parade

by marypopinz on 2004/12/23 20:06:27

Lynn, please re-read my post... I don't think we are talking about the same issue... playing into the media's hands.
No mary, actually I was replying to freeman. You came in talking in agreement with him, and then you continued about some of the topics he alluded to.

Then I had to reply to you .

And please stop with that "hate" word and all the righteous judgement calls.
"hate" word? mary you can thank the new world order you speak of so very freely on here for that topic. It is not one close to "my" heart, though as a Christian, yes, it is often unfairly attributed to me and my brethren.

Why do you bring up a word so often used and try to attribute it to "me" personally?

Using a word they use against us, on a fairly frequent basis, is not a thing I find repugnant, since it is often used these days to silence us and falsely and erroneously label us. This word is also used to silence any oposition to these sinful lifestyles and people, no matter what the source.

I don't appreciate constantly hearing about people hating other people, just my two cents.
"People"? What "people" are you speaking of exactly, mary? The "people" (me) who just posted that you're replying to, perhaps? I see no other "people" you are speaking to mary, in this context.

When you ascribe words about "hate" and "hating" to "people" mary, you best be sure who you are addressing. mary you are being quite politically "correct" in ascribing characteristics like "people hating people" to those you do not know, who happen to be Christians labeled by governments like your own as "hate-rs" and "hating". That's a fact hon and not one "I" invented.

If you don't appreciate it why are you addressing me?

I'm not the one who invented these systems of governance for men. Nor am I the one who is corrupting them.

You ought to be careful throwing around inflammatory,accusatory, not to mention false, statements about others mary, particularly in this context, as it does not look good from here.

The moslem hates the christian, the christian hates the gay, the government hates the people, the kids hate their parents, the parents hate each other and on and on it goes.
I "hate" no gay and no man, mary. Please stop this grandstanding and emotionalism at the expense of me and my comments.

If you don't like Christians, fine. If you find them "hateful" fine, you seem to suggest that. This is what you feel. But do not throw the comment about as if it is some vague loose comment that fell out of the Heavens. If you're going to make unkind and false allusions, make them plain. Then it can be clearly seen, and not sideways insults like you have ladeled out here.

Give your words an owner mary, or you will be in true danger of looking and speaking like the very thing you seem to be crying out against.

Now that I think of it, even if you gave your words a direct "owner", the presumption in your reply is that you are talking to me. And I don't need to be attacked.

Where it will stop, nobody knows.
mary, you are the one who took this to a new, more longwindied, place.. Not me. And hon, you keep doing that..

Jesus and Mohammed are left and right, albeit completely different entities of religion and dogma based faith - that hegelian based principle.
Hegel was a man and not my God. This isn't seeming to me a dialogue of faith, so much as an effort for you to say something, and instead, you have used your comments to try to make wrong and erroneous suggestions about me and those in my faith.

On second thought, I'm not entering into this dance.
Hon, you entered into this "dance" the moment you came in speaking for (?) freeman earlier today.

You re-entered it with your many words comments above.

It is quite unattractive, not to mention morally wrong, to come into a conversation under the guise of "well meaning", when all the comments are really doing is drawing undue attention to one's self, in order for that person to cut another down.

mary, if you have issues, and it seems you do, with "Christians" and "Muslims" and "hate" and "hating", then open up a thread and speak for yourself, hon.

Don't slide into a talk, that really wasn't actually addressing you, then sashay over to a position which has you in the "starring" role, cutting down another person, simply to make yourself look good. It doesn't and, I'm sorry to say, in these instances, you don't.

If you do things like this, particulalry in a public venue, expect what you get.

Don't whine about it as a public "outcry" and seek to pin all your hurts, pains and annoyances with the "human-race" on one lone individual,(in this case me), who you do not particularly, perhaps, agree with or like.

Peace Lynn, I'll keep my two cents to myself in future.
Too late the hero hon.
To forgive is
to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you..
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