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Default Racist secret societies

The position of the Freemasons on minorities is portrayed by a statement made by Albert Pike, who said that he takes his obligation to white men, not to negroes. He added that if he had to accept negroes as brothers or leave masonry, he would leave masonry. This would also explain the Freemasons position in relegating Prince Hall Freemasons as clandestine and spurious, the equivalent of the Masonic ghetto. Another example are the residential colleges of Yale, home to Skull and Bones, where most of the residential colleges are named after slave owners and none after abolitionists. Discrimination towards minorities also extends to how to crime is prosecuted. Take a look at how blue collar crime is prosecuted compared to white collar crime. White America is loath to let blue collar crime go unpunished. WHEN the powers that be prosecute white collar crime, the end result is usually fines for the company and the lawbreakers are free to break the law again. The most common practitioner of white collar crime is the white person and they are being let-off scott-free as it is being interpreted that it is just a part of doing their job. As I discussed in another post, the pursuit of Enron and Worldcom by the Feds is just to pacify the American public into thinking they are doing something about rampant white-collar fraud.

What I indicated in a previous post, was the following “The global elite that have bought into the salvation through crime story do not want to see Dionysus lose and would rather continue to dance to his tune of fraud, lies and crime. They are happy with the status quo, personal success at the cost of the health of humankind. The author Will Durant, in his book “The Life of Greece” describes Dionysus as the most troublesome god. Dionysus is also a master of role-reversals and wishes to be acknowledged as a god rather than the devil. It is the role reversal that the elite fear for they could lose their grip on power.” By accepting the devil as god, George W. Bush and others of his ilk, are subject to the whims of Dionysus. To keep their grip on power they do what he wants them to do. Dionysus is the master of role-reversals and turnabout could be fair play.

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