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Default Re: London Terrorist Attack

This is from a news group:

>The police have said that there was no advance warning, but this
>> website:
>> says that:
>> "It was reported on CBS News that a senior Israeli official said that
>> British police told the Israeli Embassy in London minutes before the
>> explosions that they had received warnings of possible terror attacks
>> in the city.The Guardian attributes the initial report of a warning to
>> an Israeli "Foreign Ministry official, speaking on condition of
>> anonymity," but adds Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom's later denial on
>> Israel Army Radio: "There was no early information about terrorist
>> attacks."

More on this...

BREAKING: Scrambled cover-up to try and change prior knowledge story.

Original reports stated that Binyamin Netanyahu was warned BEFORE the first
blast, now all the Associated Press reports are being changed to say he was
warned AFTER the first blast, for example this article.

The article linked below that we saved in our own format (and the website
that carried it has strangely since crashed) said that Netanyahu was warned
before the first blast.

Israel are now denying they got a warning.

BREAKING: Scotland Yard says it got a warning before the attack and told

"The Israeli Embassy in London was notified in advance, resulting in Finance
Minister Binyamin Netanyahu remaining in his hotel room rather than make
his way to the hotel adjacent to the site of the first explosion, a
Liverpool Street train station, where he was to address and economic

The warning contradicts the fact that the original explanation of a power
surge went out for an hour or more. They knew it was an attack but put out
a false explanation. Plus why did Netanyahu get a warning and the victims

We have been told that the events unfolding today were "inevitable",
London's transport network has been hit with multiple explosions. Both the
Underground and Busess have been hit. Events are still unfolding.

We predicted this would happen over a year ago after analysing the
propaganda and fearmongering that was being ratcheted up to the extreme in
London. Paul Joseph Watson has predicted these events as imminant several
times on The Alex Jones Show in recent months.

Tony Blair is not in London but safely tucked up in Scotland with seven
other World Leaders including President Bush. The political eyes of the
world are on Britain this week. The Mayor of London Ken Livingstone is in
Singapore where the IOC has just awarded the Olympic Games to London, he is
rushing back to the city.

Just like the events of 9/11, ask yourself, who stands to gain from this?
Could this have been organised by any group other than one who has direct
unlimited access to all areas of London's transport grid at all times?

This has MI5 written all over it. Just watch that national ID card
legislation sail through. Only 15% of the country supported the government
after the last election, this will ensure total fealty to a smarmy Blair
and whatever he wants to do. Ken Livingstone and the opposition parties
will now have no grounds to reject ID card legislation, especially with the
Olympics coming to London in 2012.

The police state measures they'll get out of this will be overlayed onto all
forms of transport. In fact, you won't be able to travel without the ID
card. Although MI5 operations are normally more sophisticated than things
like 9/11, in that the evidence linking it to the government is more
carefully covered, just watch for the evidence of inside involvement to
trickle out. MI5 have been caught involved in IRA bomings multiple times
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