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Default Re: 11 Christians Facing 47 Years In Prison For Preaching The Scripture At Gay Pride Parade

I think you may be a bit more effected and taken in by the double-speak of these parties than you KNOW
As I said, Lynn, I knew I would be expressing a controversial viewpoint on this issue, but I am not backing down. That's okay, hit me with your best shot. I can take it, and I really need to work this through with people whose opinions I respect.
I bleieve the militant, dominionist brand of Christian Right tactics employed by charlatans such as Falwell, Robertson, etc. has done more to discredit real Christian values than the NWO opposition ever could have accomplished on their own. It is no small wonder to me that acts of volence (bombings and murders of abortion workers) and characters like Eric Rudolph have emerged from this morass of self-righteous subversion.
Further, I am not convinced that as a Christian I am required to hate homosexuals or even protest homosexuality in general. These were Old Testament and largely Talmudic taboos. Jesus founded the Christian faith on only two commandments: "Love God with all of your heart, soul and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself." Maybe I missed the part where he said to love only your heterosexual neighbor, but I doubt it. Why didn't Jesus stone the adulterous woman, if he was really on board with this "Moral Majority" dogma? Further, the vision of the clean and unclean meats by St. Peter speaks toward this whole notion of Christians being bound by every commandment and law of the Old Testament. After all, you don't plan on sacrificing an ox any time soon, right?
What I DO hate are the efforts of the NWO/Illuminati to use homosexuality as another tool to undermine and corrupt traditional family structures and values, the same as feminism, promiscuity, substance abuse, etc. When they start to encourage homosexuality as not just an alternative but a PREFERABLE lifestyle, that is what gets my dander up. But much like the Jewish people, I feel that homsexuals are pawn themselves in this evil game.
From my own personal observation and experience, there is no doubt in my mind that a certain percentage of people (probably less than 10, I agree with Dr. Makow) are born with homosexual orientation. My own cousin was an example. He had totally normal parents, no trauma in his upbringing, but he always displayed effeminate, homosexual tendencies. My mother lived with his parents (her brother and sister-in-law) before she was married, and she could attest to these facts.
The boy struggled through high school, trying to "pass" even to the point of dating one or two girls, but when he finally went off to college, he decided it was time to "come out" and confront his parents. Their repsonse was pure kneejerk, fundamentalist Christianity. They threw him out of the house, rejected him as a son for many years and covered up the whole incident with the rest of the family. My mother was heartsick over it, since she suspected, and she had great affection for her nephew because she helped to raise him. He was totally isolated form his family, so hard up at one point my father gave him a leftover set of snow tires and I remember he had tears in his eyes when he accepted them. He was always a good, responsible guy, his relationships were discrete, and he conducted himself in an upright and moral manner as far as I'm concerned. When another aunt was terminally ill and lived close to him at the time, he constantly aided, assisted and generally looked out for her, as well as my mother when she had to move in with her sister and help nurse her at the end. When he ultimately reconciled with his parents, he displayed nothing but love and respect and was completely loyal and supportive through the death of his father, his widowed mother's health and finances, etc.
My aunt and uncle thought they were doing the right thing, the "Christian" thing. In fact, there seemed to be a genetic component at work on my aunt's side. She had a brother who exhibited similar tendencies, and her parents, aghast at the prospect of a "queer" in the family had him treated with hormones and every other remedy conventional medical science had in its arsenal at that time. He claimed to be "cured", but eventually he married a behemoth of a woman who looked more masculine than he did, and they had such a long and stormy relationship, I often wondered whether he would have been happier as a gay person.
Hating is not a Christian principle, whether we are hating gay people individually or collectively as the homosexual community. The subborners of Christianity encourage these divisions the same as they exacerbate any of their Hegelian conflicts. By reducing Christians to a level as mean-spirited and contentious as the forces of Satan, they reduce us to their level and cause Christians to lose respect universally.
I am not saying that homosexuality is part of God's plan, nor that Christians should not speak out against those who would exploit it as a wedge issue to weaken traditional values. I AM saying that we have to be careful how we approach the battle, and that we should never fail to express love and understanding for all of God's children and their differences, as well as their similarities.
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