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Well, the way i understand it from some experience of the freemasonry system, is that it's their belief that imatture criminal lawlessness, is the same as the Hermetic Text's Antioch, or anti-gravity alchemy of sacred geometry. I used to have a sneek at my dad's stuff in the wardrobe from his Lodge regailia when i was a kid, and believe me, they have all of Canarvan's, and Howard Carter's text's from the Valley of the King's. The only thing is, it's like watching daddy trying to teach his son's Birth-Spin Syneasthesia, after the fact that everyone's naturally born with it from the crowning of the head!

We spin into life, and we spin out on the last breath, but some can spin out before their time, and return before they come again, come again!
It\'s a Dog-ma, God-Ma Paranonamatrixia game!
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