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Default Re: London Terrorist Attack


I just have to say and it's not like I'm anybody around here, but you have done a superb job in starting this thread and following it through.

Investigative reporting is what we lack in this country.

Gathering all information that they throw out there so the PUBLIC can see that they are constantly contradicting themselves is vital in uncovering their "method of operandi."

This was studied in mind control programs on their victims. FLOODING the brain with too much information causes a "shut down" mode. Can't figure it out, so you just give up. It's too difficult to find a needle in a haystack. TOO MUCH DISINFORMATION causes confusion. Also, a mind control tactic.

But, to give up is to surrender and to surrrender is unacceptable in the true spirit of patriotism.

We must call on our leaders to take responsiblity for their actions.

We demand nothing less!!

This is our country!!!

There will be much more disinformation to come in the days ahead.
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