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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

If I may add an example about levels of control: there are different degrees of so-called control 1) The lightest could be called behavior control. This has been demonstrated by every parent, every spouse or partner, and hundreds of times in academia. 2) The next level can be called thought or mood control. This is demonstrated in Hollywood productions, television advertisements (e.g. how many times do you see packaging for hair color? Some have pictures of men and some have pictures of women, but the coloring is really no different. We buy it according to the thought that it is gender-specific.) 3) The third, and the one BlueAngel is asking about, is called mind control. When you are truly broken and controlled in this way, you really have no sense of who you are or even the fact that you are under control, so by definition, the only people who are aware of their abuse are those who finally broke through and remembered. I have an idea what it is like, because I was subject to some serious abuse and was totally dissociated for a number of years. If an amateur can do this, then the pros certainly do better.

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