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Default Re: Conspiracies that were forgotten?

I can't believe that this post only got one reply, this site was I believed dedicated to talk about conpiracies, or atleast conjecture.
So I'll ad another conjecture of thought.
When the Tsunami hit in the indian ocean, a couple of weeks later we were told that a us nuclear sub stationed in Guam hit an underwater mountain, the uss san francisco I believe, and although no one wants to ask why it is that our top of the line submarines with probably the best sonar capabilities on earth, somehow couldn't see this mountain, the question then must be asked, was it doing something in the region that initiated the tsunami, and it got out of hand, or what, and although highly unlikey but one for the fringe conspiratorist out there, did it fire on an alien craft, that then exploded causing the chain reaction of the tsunami, this idea will probably get the most response?
Another conjecture or conspiracy if you will, back when the sars outbreak was occuring, and it was strangley happening at a high rate in toronto but not surrounding areas ,even given that there is a large population of asians there, canada in general has asian imagrants throughout canada,
how is it that five army personal that had only stopped in toronto for a layover, on their way to texas, all managed to contract the sars virus, here inlies the conspiracy, were they spreading the disease, and was it possible that one possibly dropped a vial in their hotel room, thus contaminating all of them?
No one managed to ask about these strange circumstances, question, did these personal work in an army biolab research center, whatever happened to them, did they survive, where were they coming from, how long was their stop over in Toronto, while in Toronto did they all stay together, or did they have time to explore the city.
Another point of conspiracy, Back before the Iraq war started, when the WMD inspection team was still scouring for the illusive weapons, the us intelligence agency released a satellite photo of a purported bio and chem plant north of bagdad, that showed a large number of semis leaving the plant, this was a day before the inspectors were to show up at the plant, question, if we had already been flying sordies all over this area, hoping that the Iraqis would lock their radar onto our jets just so we could blow the bejesus out of the area, why did they rely on a blurry satellite photo, another point of contention would be that they also had told us that just north of this area, was a supposed alquida training camp, are you thinking that they would have bypassed striking this, another question, did anyone ask where these semis were tracked too, the answer is no, remember that we have two real time surveillance satellites stationed over iraq, atleast thats the opinion of a general I asked on a patriot radio station.
I've got more, but I'll wait to see if this post gets any intelligent feedback, all the conjecture that I have included in these post are things that I had come up with by reasoning, no one else out there has ever brought them up, I believe that if people want to grab quick to a conspiracy, you first must realize that you must first do some cumulating of the facts, be it time connections, etc... it's a must, otherwise you will just be referred to as a conspiracy nut.
Frankly I think truebeliever might be right about Conspiracy Club sadly to say.
How about a response from that mysterious person behind the curtain, that runs this post.
I'd be curious to know what he or she thinks about this.
In conclusion, I find it strange that I had to post this twice, the first time I sent in the reply, it never showed up on the page, luckily, I had copied my post, before I had sent it!
That should make you think twice about the true objectives of this site.
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