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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

AHMAD questions that mind control victims/survivors can one day awake to their abuse after spending decades without knowing they were subjects of a trauma-based mind control program. In my case, it was MKULTRA/Project Monarch. Project Monarch is a government "cult."

I can understand this as it does seem extra ordinary; however, he hypothesizes that I have a JINN being and was not a victim of Project Monarch.

In that respect, I wondered if he knew anything at all about mind control programs. Is he in possession of "declassified" CIA documents regading MKULTRA/BLUEBIRD/ARTICHOKE? Has he read any books written by those who have researched these programs?

He didn't reply to my question. So, I'm either assuming he is presently gathering information so he can respond or doesn't have one ounce of knowledge about these grotesque programs.

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