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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

Blue Angel?
Thats old school.
You hold a lighter to your butt Fart

a blue angel

So were you a Joseph Mengele baby? child ? teenager?

I heard he is still alive.. is that so?

What kinda missions were you on?

Have you destroyed your anchors and abolished your shadows?

Do you stll have triggers?

quote from blue angel
"I was spying on those who incarcerated me, tortured me, abused me, etc. within MKULTRA/Project Monarch.

By those, I am referring to certain people within the government, military and entertainment industry.

I was passing along the information I gathered about them to OTHERS on the inside. The intellectuals, all around U.S., who have been working behind the scenes for decades to bring this criminal and corrupt entity into the spotlight."

Lets name names O.K. .. it would make everybody here feel much better!

Do not worry about anything.
Look at all the dirt dug up on the Bush Cartel
He hasn't sued anyone ... and won.

I guess you can not beat the truth all the time
So drop some names tell a story or be labeled a spook , who cares ... Spies who would turn on their own country men usually are the first to die if everything goes right for their handlers.

Its all about the fear of a military coup
something that REAL americans should be doing right now.
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