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Default Re: population reduction (genocide)

Population reduction is taking place world wide .. more so in the places that were previously mentioned .. Africa/Middle east

Look at the state of the food distribution/creation centers

Monsanto/Aspratame/Mad cow/Chem trails/Toxins every where in the environment

Buy some Ring tones for your brain tumors?
SUV driving eco terrorists?
D.U. circling the globe?

All the technology in the world is not going to save US.. unless WE slaughter those who slaughter

The last 100 years has been hi-jacked by powerful people doing power moves so they can become more powerful and have their all seeing eye granted to them through technology that they
could never have created with out our help.

Quote from some powerful guy:
Sorry usless humans we have now what we wanted here's your pink slip walk into that hole over there here's your anthrax sepository , jump into the bottomless pit and die.

Of course there is the great sacrifice for satan i forgot. 6 billion 6 hundred 66 million are we there yet? I dunno ... have I read this book before? de ja vu ... World War 3 will be suffice.

Are we the people of the "free world" going to sit on our hands and let the mass murderers commit these crimes, has everyone gone pussy?
I know there are the intellectuals out there that are better with a pen than they probably are with a gun .. but come on PEOPLE wake up .. the so called "free ride" has always been accomplished by exploiting others .... your Western way of living is hanging by a chad/thread
and it has been designed that way.

No more rat race no more feeding the machine
Demand fuckin answers
We own the government IT IS for the PEOPLE

expose the truth at everyturn of this maze of masonry lies and high treason

Revolution starts with one I'll take the first bullet and hopefully not the last.
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