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Default Re: Chemical Contrails over California?

Hey yo
Chem trails happen here all the time too

Little town canada near buffalo - Lake Erie

the "X" marks the spot

Satellite viewing? which explains why it happens on bright sunny clear days.

Remote Control? probably

I had my dad view the airplanes .. he has been in the aircraft industry all his life and he has no idea what the hell they are.
He said Condesleazy Rice is starting a war with us canuks for not joining in on the missile defence program.

Had to laugh at that one.

As of the conspiracy behind it?

I hear its 3 tier
1. Keeps the weather from getting out of hand/by controlling it
2. Project HAARP mind control/aluminum oxide plant/water imprints affects your food
3. Side effects kill off people with weak health=
population control

All in all just another screwed up reality that no one ever talks about.

Can't get any local politians to talk about it
obviously it does not exist
stay off the LSD!!!!
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