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Default Re: Conspiracies that were forgotten?

Hey Torchlithill
Wow those are conspiracies.
The line between fact and fiction has been blurred far too many times to come up with a good conspiracy. But damn you did it.

All the facts that are out there that the news might report once and than let slide away is the real story people grab onto ... its like alternate realities.
The masonic way ... tell you they did it and are doing it. You have to tell the truth once in awhile.

For the stories above .. where they your own creations or did you see them elsewhere?
they sound legit ... yet are hidden behind the smoke and mirrors of "national security" bull shit ... it would be difficult to even get a grain of truth from any north american military about where they were/when why and how it happened?

I think i'll check out your website now .. thanks for the heads up!
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