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Default Re: 11 Christians Facing 47 Years In Prison For Preaching The Scripture At Gay Pride Parade


was more than just a
He was my cousin
was beautiful
was one of my first crushes

I found out he was "gay" when I was 14.
His life did not end gaily
I don't know that it was even so very 'gay' in
What a kind of queer word-
As if these folks must be happy "every day". An
endless life of bliss..We've not see this..

Keith was just a person..
He had a dog
He was a wonderful writer
He wrote some bios on movie stars
He lived on Christopher Street
His apartment was small
Keith sang well
He played the guitar and at Folk City,too
Keith loaned me my first Simon & Garfunkel
I played it for a class project Senior year.

Thinking back..
I don't think there was one ugly or unpleasant
thing about Keith!
He was the ring-bearer at my parents Wedding.
Keith was, in a way, the son my Father never
had. He was my Father's God-son.
Keith was born in May,like my Mother.
I swear Keith was art,kind of..

Keith had a few chubby years as a teen
and awful sarcasm, like his alcoholic Dad. A
misunderstood and pained man, his Father.

I think Keith may've worn the first Drew Cary
glasses in '67, though I cannot say for sure..Keith
was a somewhat hippie..back then.The
Beatles..John Lennon..

Keiths books are still sold on Amazon

Keith was at all our family parties.
I always looked forward to seeing him.

His Mother is my Aunt.
My Father's Sister.

Why must senseless crusades go on on both sides
political fences?!
Keith did not "choose" this..
Not directly.
Not exactly..
I never said the best life-style choice..can we
PLEASE put away the big guns?

He had to go on Lithium when he found out from
the Dr.
Suddenly he had mania and was buying too
much.. it was not like him..

Keith understood the things I said and had to say.

No,I'm not gay.

I loved Keith anyway..

Keith gave me my first book of poetry. Emily
And Pablo Neruda..
He signed them too..

Keith took me to see a band play at the Palladium
in '75, or was it '76?

Keith liked Don McLean, back then..

Keith had dark hair
Like most of our family..
I'm seeing him now in my mind's eye..
It's not scarey..

Keith liked Annie Lennox..

And dressing well..
What's wrong with that?!

Keith felt I was the "only Christian" he agreed
with or felt sincere..But I know there are many
more of us. My Husband, being one. Just other
folks caught up in fighting stereotypes about 'who
we are' or aren't..

I know I must've had one dream that Keith was
not my Cousin or a "homosexual", both.. so I
could date Keith..In many ways, he was a
wonderful role model of a man's fine qualities..

His voice was not fluttery or high or whiney..
He didn't wear feathers..
Or collect Judy Garland or Bette Midler music..
Not at all!

Can't recall a pink or flashy thing he wore.
I'm sorry you're gone..
Your Mom's not well now.
You know we're praying..

I'd be glad to carry that torch as
family-writer/artist Keith..

Wish you were here to see it..


Last thing you said when I was 27 was that I was
"just a kid".I guess I was..

Next to you, I guess I was..

November 8th was my head on collision in 2002.
God and His Grace spared my life. Thank you
God.Thank you Jesus. That's the day you kissed
the blue..1992.. I hadn't realized 'til I saw my
Mother's funeral card.

I was YOUR age THEN when this happened.
Whats with THAT?! Huh Keith-O?

Keith, Cristal, James..
We love you..

We will forget none of you..

Not one..

With Our Love,


P.S. Sins can have all kinds of glossy names. And
we ALL have sin, and have sinned..

But people are just people..
Each individual

Try to understand..

I guess this sharing may not belong in this title at

Since Keith was so much more..

Than an idea of someones idea of what someone
is or should be. Or could be..

But anyway,

Thats all.

Time to close the book..

I miss Keith
Thank you Keith
I love you Keith

It's ok now..
It's always been..
It's ok now..
To forgive is
to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you..
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