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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

Torchlithill wrote:
Blue Angel stated that, Ah, excuse me, but did it ever occur to you that I didn't post this TOPIC about myself.

I didn't infer that you did.
Ah, no you didn't. But since you are assuming that my mission at CC is to KNOCK your topics/posts off the front page and that I was sent here by the government for this oh, so, important job (like they wouldn't use me for a more important covert operation) that I am a SPOOKY SPOOK or something.

Like burying your topics/posts is so important to them cause what? you're in the know or something?

Do they follow you, too?

And, this particular thread insinuates exactly what you are accusing me of perpetrating upon this site and in particular your posts/threads.

Sometimes threads disappear because they don't receive responses and other topics are of more interest to posters.

You, having all of seven posts would come to the conclusion that I spend time here to bury your posts because why? You've been around the site for so long? Someone influenced you into this thinking? Or, perhaps, the TOPIC, Is BlueAngel a government spy, which I specifically referred to, insinuated that I am here to FLOOD the board and KNOCK off other's posts?

How ridiculous. I rant and rave about our corrupt government.

Get Real!!

Your conspiracy thread is still there. What are you gripping about?

My postings do not interfere with you, so there is NO BLUEANGEL CONSPIRACY HERE!!

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