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Default Re: Conspiracies that were forgotten?

Torchlithill wrote:
blue angel ask, Who is this mysterious person (he/she) behind the curtain that you refer to?
the wizard?

the person who owns the site , possibly incognito?
I haven't had the chance yet to see who had joined this site first, not that I'm saying that's the person, but why be so mysterious?

I guess I assumed that most people here knew that Henry Makow, PhD. was the person who created this forum.

His website "savethemales" is how I learned of Club Conspiracy.

I, personally, don't consider Dr. Makow someone who is behind the curtain.

If you find him mysterious, well, it might be because you've never visited "savethemales."

It's not like he's hiding or anything.

Why do you care, anyway?

Do you feel like he should be posting here? He's a writer among many other professions.

Just curious.
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