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Default Re: LIBOR - An Explanation About The $800 Trillion Scam

So, essentially, 9-11 was to hide the gold, and it was blamed on the muslims because many of the muslim countries had a bunch of the gold owed to them, because there religious laws didn't allow gambling, and they viewed the LIBOR swap market as gambling..

So after 9-11, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Brazil, the UK, France, Mexico, Australia, Canada and Germany all got their gold owed to them...

The smaller countries like Haiti, and Venezuala, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Japan didn't get their gold...

Since the Muslims were blamed, and Iraq and Afghanistan were making the biggest stink, they had to be quelled.

Haarp was used to shut Haiti and several all small countries through earthquakes.

A massive nuclear explosion off the coast of Japan shut them up. Fukushima had to be blown up to explain the massive radiation from the tsunami explosion that the US would experience.

With the Gold issues out of the way, the money changers could get back to printing money, bailing out the banks, govt housing, munis, GMs, etc.

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