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Default A conversation with an athiest friend.

peace all,

This is a a paraphrase of a conversation i had tonight with my athiest friend.

my friend: Do you know OSHO ?

me: No, who is he?

my friend: He was the richest man in the world, he is Indian....he found a new religion and now they have branches allover the world.

me: So what is it about?

my friend: It is about reaching the gap?

me: what gap?

my friend: the state of nervana, when your mind goes blank and you reach a gap in your chain of thoughts.

me: and how do you reach such a state? i think it's impossible to think of nothing!

my friend: No, it is possible and many people have gone there?

me: where?!

my friend: When you reach this state of no-thought, you open a window and peep into another world.

me: why would anyone want to peep into another world?

my friend: it's a much better world, where you have all knowledge, and need nothing, in that world there is no happiness or sadness, all is the same, and there you become a god.

me: i don't want all to be the same!...anyway, who are these people who went there?

my friend: Krishna, Jesus and Muhammad, they went there, and that's why they are divine, they have broken free of all the material bonds.

me: Are you saying that the prophets became gods?

my friend: yes and the yogis too, they succeeded in capturing this gap, which some people can catch temporarily through intoxicants and sex.

me: so all those who get intoxicated went there with the prophets?

my friend: no the masters can control their entrance and exit of this other world, but the people who get drunk can only get an uncontrollable nervana.

me: So if you break free from all the material bonds, what is going to replace them?

my friend: just perfect feeling.

me: and what is the source of this feeling? isn't it God?

my friend: No, no!.. don't ask about the source. Just focus on the output.

me: are you sure such a world exists?

my friend: yes i am sure. and i keep trying to reaching it.

me: why do you want to go there that bad?

my friend: because life has no purpose, why do you work, or get married?

me: In order to feel God's blessings and thank Him for them, this way i become happy.

my friend: No, no, there can be no happiness in this life, when we get married, we become too worried about our wives that we lose our happiness, same happens with money, we work hard under stress to get it and we end up losing it and feeling hopless and miserable and life goes on like that in total enslavment to the materials.

me: and that's why you want to escape?

me friend: yes, i keep trying hard to get there...perhaps in another life!

me: There is no getting there my friend, there is no escape from God except to Him.

[9:118] Also (redeemed were) the three who stayed behind. The spacious earth became so straitened for them, that they almost gave up all hope for themselves. Finally, they realized that there was no escape from GOD, except to Him. He then redeemed them that they may repent. GOD is the Redeemer, Most Merciful.


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