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Smile Mysteries Of The Sun From Ra To Omraam


by Wayne H. Purdin

“The Princes and Hierophant of the Mysteries of the Sun in Atlantis were fully determined that the misuse by mankind of the Divine Wisdom and its terrible powers would never again be allowed for fear that man might destroy himself. They therefore decreed that only those of the highest moral and spiritual development would be permitted to learn the Mysteries of God.” -- Spiritual Nobility, Richard Duc de Palatine

In 1931, Alvin Boyd Kuhn was the first person to receive a degree in Theosophy from a major university, Columbia. He was a prolific writer and I highly recommend that everyone read his works. His major work, The Lost Light was praised by the chairman of the Philosophy Department of Ohio University as the greatest theological work in the English language.

In The Lost Light, Kuhn, wrote “As the human eye recoils before the overpowering splendor of the solar disk in the sky, so the human mind strives in vain to realize the marvel of sublime grandeur in the ancient religious myth of the sun-gods. This was no curious faith of a diminutive Parsee sect; it was the universal form and dress of religion.”

We all know that the myths of the sun gods were just allegories containing a great mystery that in and behind the sun is the spiritual sun or Great Central Sun wherein dwells the Solar Presence. John Van Horne, in The Great Central Suns Pictured, wrote “Ancient tradition tells us that behind our physical sun there is a spiritual sun, which is the intelligence that brings forth and maintains the solar system… When the light of the Great Central Sun pours strongly into the earth, humanity enters a period of renaissance, casting aside old, limiting and destructive habits and regimes, and generating new ideas, aspirations and culture aligned with… divine love, wisdom and transforming power.”


According to Hermetic principle, as above, so below. Thus, Kuhn also wrote that “The primary truth of human culture which is presented by all sage religions of antiquity is the fact that there resides deeply embedded in the core of man’s constitution a nucleus of what, for want of a better designation, must be called a divine spark or sun… Every man, proclaimed the ancients and the Medieval ‘Fire Philosophers,’ has a little SUN within his own breast. This sun is the Christ in man, a nucleus of fiery divine spirit energy.”
We also know this little sun in our hearts, this spark of divinity, as the threefold flame.


For years we have practiced the science of the spoken word to connect with the Solar Presence in the Central Sun and to expand the sun in our hearts. Now we are learning how to sungaze.

From the very first moments of sungazing I have felt a tangible connection to God. This led me to research the spiritual aspects of sungazing, and, over the past three years, I have discovered some amazing facts.

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