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Default Mormons = Freemasons

I live in a part of Colorado that is heavily infested with Mormons.

I asked an older Mormon the other day, "what do you think about Romney"? and he said, "well, he's better than that nigger".

Truth is, the Mormons/Masons are the KKK. The Mormons believe that Cain was punished by God and received a 'flat nose' and 'dark skin'.

They also take an oath where they cut across their throat and bowels not to reveal the secrets of the cult.

They wear underwear (after they visit the temple) with masonic symbols on them..

They harass, even murder people who leave the cult, and threaten to reveal secrets.

The CIA, FBI is FULL of Mormons....

Perform random acts of kindness on strangers who are in need.
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