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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?


but God taught us that nobody can be controlled AGAINST his will
thats is kinda true..but He said something like
"Put on the full armor of God"

I believe you can be controlled against your a manner of speaking.

all the signs "Gotta have it" "do the dew" "cant live without it" etc. they all have a subliminal affect on those that dont have the insight of what the hell is goin on.

Look at all of your ad campains selling sex,drugs,money and violence ( among other things )

TV in itself is a very powerfull mind altering media.

Now thats just much more do you think the real mind controllers have power over your "brain". I know there is some sick stuff goin on in the world of mind control.

You may not be able to break the spirit..but Im absolutely sure you can break the mind and body.sure sure it might be harder for an adult..

scary stuff .

Peace Dreak
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